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Umpqua Bank Fund Set up for Wettach Family  / Daryn Kumar (friend)

As many of you know, Joey Wettach passed away unexpectedly. Joey was a devoted father, son, brother, husband and friend. He touched many lives and his packed funeral service was a testament to this. Joey leaves behind his wife Anna and six children. Joseph 22, Jerica 17, Jordan 12, Jovan 9, Jenaya 7, and Jazilyn 5.

A fund has been set up at Umpqua bank in memory of Joey to assist Anna and the kids with the funeral and living expenses. Joey was the sole breadwinner for the family and his loss has both emotional and financial impacts on the family. Details of how to contribute to the fund are below. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated by the family. If you are in contact with any of Joey's past friends or co workers, please forward this information to them.

Joey's passing has been hard on all of us, but I am sure all of you have great memories of Joey. He had a great sense of humor and huge heart.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Daryn J. Kumar
Assistant Administrator
Sutter Roseville Medical Center
Office: (916) 781-1652
Fax: (916) 781-1210

From: Yolanda Gutierrez []
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 9:27
To: Kumar, Daryn
Subject: Anna Wettach

Umpqua Bank has set up an account for Anna Wettach in memory of Joey Wettach. If you would like to mail in the donation please feel free to do so at: 2998 Douglas Blvd Ste 100, Roseville CA 95661 Attn: Yolanda Gutierrez, or you can go to any of our locations and mention either the name Anna Wettach or Joey Wettach. I have attached a list of our locations for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Yolanda Gutierrez


Umpqua Bank Store Locations in California
AmericAn cAnyon
3417 Broadway, Suite J-2

373 West St. Charles St.

7921 Walerga Rd.

3700 Lone Tree Way

540 Amanda St.

1063 G St.

11795 Atwood

500 Auburn-Folsom Rd.

1395 E. 2nd St.

cAmeron PArK
4011 Plaza Goldorado Circle

2025 Pillsbury Rd.

1540 Esplanade

22712 Main St.

655 Fremont St.

3505 Spangler Lane, Ste. 300

3880 El Dorado Hills Blvd.

eLK GroVe
9610 Bruceville Road, Ste. 100

2861 E St.

701 5th St.

1411 Oliver Road, Suite 100

2779 East Bidwell St.
916- 984-2480 

1360 Main St.

915 Redwood Dr. Ste. B.

18281 Main Street
(209) 984-2303 

4280 Main Street

805 11th Street

435 S. Hwy. 65, Ste. A

571 5th Street

805 Twelve Bridges Dr. Ste. 10

89 Lakewood Mall

LoS moLinoS
7843 Hwy. 99 E.

700 E St.

2095 Central Ave.

2525 McHenry Ave.

305 Soscol Ave, Ste. 100

1500 Soscol Ave

3626 Bel Aire Plaza

3271 Browns Valley Rd

1190 Airport Rd, Suite 100

301 Walker St.

1450 Broadway

3970 Missouri Flat Road

PoLLocK PineS
2661 Sanders Dr.

333 Main St.

1770 Pine St.

1801 Douglas Blvd.
916 774-3600 

2998 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 100

9050 Fairway Drive, Ste. 135

1050 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
Ste. 110

One Capital Mall

2761 Del Paso Rd. Ste. 110

1545 River Park Drive, Ste. 101

373 West St. Charles St.

13775 C Mono Way

229 S. Washington St.

ST. HeLenA
1065 Main Street

SUTTer creeK
11 Ridge Rd.

400 East Olive Ave.

18711 Tiffeni Dr.

607 S. State St.

403 Davis Street

976 A Admiral Callaghan Ln.

87 Highway 26

409 Main St.

114 D St.

WiLLoW creeK
39171 Hwy. 299

160 N. Butte St.

203 Main St.

yUBA ciTy
1221 Bridge St.

777 Colusa Ave.
My dad  / Jerica Wettach (Daughter)
hey daddy,
i'm missing you right now. we all are. what i miss the most is your furry chin. i always felt comfort and safety when you would kiss my cheeks and your chin hair would scrape my face. haha i love you so much and i cant wait to see you again in a paradise earth. you'll be perfect and healthy. i'm waiting for the day, remembering the time you were alive with us. we used to wake up early in the morning and watch kung fu movies together. you'd call your baby girl, i would compare our feet and make fun of your belly. those were the days when you used to do your little adam sandler dance and impression. i love you daddy. i will always remember the things you taught me about life and success. i will aways think of you keep you in my prayers. love you dad forever!! 

love your oldest daughter,
Remembering a fantastic leader  / Greg Swallow (Colleague)  Read >>
Remembering a fantastic leader  / Greg Swallow (Colleague)
To Joey's family I met Joey on an annual training for the Air Force at Scott AFB, where he joined my squadron to train. He and I were reservists at Travis AFB. I learned today (9 Mar 13) years after we met, that Joey passed. My heart goes out to you, for the loss of such an outstanding guy. His personality and charisma helped to shape my career. I am so sorry for your loss. Gregory Swallow Close
To our beloved brother, Joe June 2, 2008  / Tammy Hall   Read >>
To our beloved brother, Joe June 2, 2008  / Tammy Hall

It was 1 year ago today we lost you, our beloved brother. 

Joe, you are thought about everyday.  You are loved and missed so much.  I'm sorry we couldn't all be together today to celebrate you and the life you lived.  I hope you know that all of us are together in thoughts and spirits.  Today is a sad day for all of us. It is still hard to come to terms 1 year later how we lost you 1 year ago.  You will be in our hearts forever.    

we love and miss you,



Our Eulogy Our Tribute to Joe  / The Brothers   Read >>
Our Eulogy Our Tribute to Joe  / The Brothers

First, we would like to thank all of you that are here to honor Joey. It's amazing to see how many lives he has touched. We would also like to recognize some of the brothers that were unable to make it here today like Jim, Long(may he rest in peace), Roger, James, Anthony, Curtis, Monty, Mikey, and everyone else who were unable to make it here today. We know that at this very moment they are thinking of and praying for Joe and his family.

Joey was an athlete who loved to compete. From football to video games, he was naturally talented and loved to spend time with his family and friends. Joey loved to take vacations with his family and we are blessed to be able to have shared those memories with them. Joey was a hard working man. He was a devoted and loyal son, brother, husband, father, uncle, and friend.

We've been friends with Joey a very long time. It all started in 1973 when we were in the 2nd grade. That was the beginning of our circle of friendship which continued to grow throughout the years. Everything we experienced, we experienced together. We started out as boys going through little league together to becoming men and having children and families of our own. The lifelong friendship that we built together was special and unique. We hope that one day our children would be able to find a bond in their friendships as we share with Joe. No matter where we were, no matter what we were doing, we always know that we had each other. Our bond was so strong that we could go weeks, months without talking and when we finally got to see each other, it was like time had never passed. We would just pick up right where we left off.

As the years passed, we all followed our own paths, but we always knew we would come back together again. We've all had moments in our life where we suffered loss or pain, but the bond of our brotherhood gave us the strength to persevere. Although Joey has left us behind, the memories he has given us will remain in our hearts forever.

Many of you did not know Long, but Long passed away 20 years ago. We know that as Joe passed from this world to the next, Long was there at heaven's gate to greet him. It'scomforting to know our two brothers are there together and that Joey is not alone. It puts a smile on our face that our brothers will now be picking up where they left off.

We will always think of Joey when we think of our childhood, our "wonder years", our fondest memories, a lifetime of friendship. We're gonna miss you Joe.

RPM 1983 Break Dance Group: Tony King  / Tony King (High School Friend/ Break Dance Buddy )  Read >>
RPM 1983 Break Dance Group: Tony King  / Tony King (High School Friend/ Break Dance Buddy )
Last week I received a call from Anthony Hermoso who gave me the very sad new about Joey.

My memory of Joey was all very good.... I met Joey at Seaside High School in 1983 through Sammy Dela Cruz when I started a dance group named RPM (Radical Pose Masters). We would practice at least 4 days a week in the halls of Seaside High sometimes at night in the cold.

We worked very hard for about three months and on weekends we all would go the the Fishermans Wharf and Dance for tourist just to make enough money for the group to go to the movies or hang out to have fun.

Believe it or not but none of the members of RPM smoked, drank to get drunk and we've never got into any fights with anybody and there we're other break dancing groups fighting like gangs back then.

In the Summer of 1984 RPM won the Central Coast Break Dance Competition at the Monterey County Fair Grounds and we beat popular groups from San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

That was a very proud day for us all and stands out to be the best memory I have of Joey.

After High School I stopped dancing to become a professional drummer and continue to perform as a professional musician.

God Bless the Family...

Tony (I don't remember my break dance name) King

Class of 84 Close
My Job Interview with Joey  / Erick Sencil (friend)  Read >>
My Job Interview with Joey  / Erick Sencil (friend)
Joey was my first supervisor straight out of the military.  I was 20 minutes late to my interview and I was soaked in my sweat.  He told me to calm down, take some time to gather myself, he offered me a coke.  I was very surprised that I was still hired.  I ended up working for him in San Pablo and Kaiser.  He was my mentor and helped me move up the chain in Radiology.  If it wasn't for Joey, I would still be just an x-ray technician.  Not only did I work with Joey but we became very good friends.  We played football together and he came to a few of my parties and show promotions.  Joey always took me in no matter how long we didn't speak and it would be like we never had a break in our friendship.  I will always remember my interview with Joey.  I was wearing a shirt and tie and I was soaked and he was in a lab coat just waiting for me with a big smile.  That's how I will always remember Joey: calm, cool, and with a big smile.  Rest in peace my friend.  Close
Fantasy Football and other memories  / Sidney Chan (friend)  Read >>
Fantasy Football and other memories  / Sidney Chan (friend)
Joey is one of the funniest guys I know. His humor made our fantasy football league lively and enjoyable.  I will always remember the late night chats we had while we worked at UC Davis Medical Center and the times we golfed in Sacramento.  I still remember him with a cigar in his mouth. Close
17 years of valued friendship  / Martin Roberts (friend)  Read >>
17 years of valued friendship  / Martin Roberts (friend)
Joey's friendship is truley priceless.  He always had advice for every situation.  Joey introduced me to sushi.  Most of our reserve weekends lunch schedules was to get sushi.  He was also the first person to give me tips on my golf game.  I'll always have our annual tour memories.  17 years of valued friendship.  Close
Like a brother  / Abel Sanabria (Air Force Companions )  Read >>
Like a brother  / Abel Sanabria (Air Force Companions )
Although most of our memories together were military, I've always enjoyed his company, his sense of humor, and warm smile.  Like a brother who oversaw everything he would always inform me of our team, the Raiders, and we were always there for retirement ceremonies of each of our Air Force companions.  May he rest in peace along side our beloved Lord. Close
Joey, A True Leader  / Edward Gloor (friend from the Air Force )  Read >>
Joey, A True Leader  / Edward Gloor (friend from the Air Force )
A man who always had a smile, cared about his family and friends, and sought out ways to make things better for everyone.  Our  Air Force years brought many of us opportunities to excel and Joey was always at the forefront -- a true leader.  A champion of those who were less fortunate and a man I truley admired. Close
Brothers / Kalan Winston (friend)  Read >>
Brothers / Kalan Winston (friend)
Joey had been a part of my life for over 16 years.  There has been countless amounts of times that we have shared joy and tragedy.  I recall one time we got into a fight and later that night we were hugging and laughing together.  That's what brothers do.  He will always be in my heart.  We love you Joey. Close
Best times with Joe  / Liza Mariano (friend)  Read >>
Best times with Joe  / Liza Mariano (friend)
The best times were always simple: getting together for food, drinks, and laughter.  It's amazing how many stories Joe has to share and seeing him relax and enjoy people in his home just showed how much he loved life and his beautiful family.  He opened up his home to everyone and always had a story to tell. Close
Memory of Joe  / Wayne Hinkel (father-in-law)  Read >>
Memory of Joe  / Wayne Hinkel (father-in-law)
I will always remember Joey's tremendous pride in the athletic achievements of his kids.  He faithfully attended baseball, soccer, and other events to cheer them on.  Win or lose, however, Joey always had something supportive and encouraging to tell them. Close
Life changing talks  / Michael Mariano (friend)  Read >>
Life changing talks  / Michael Mariano (friend)
Joe was a good friend, always cool to talk to.  I will always remember the long talks we had about family and the sacrafices necessary to provide your family with happiness and love.  I learned some life changing things from him.  I will always miss and love him. Close
Life is Precious  / Megan Mckenney (work buddy )  Read >>
Life is Precious  / Megan Mckenney (work buddy )

I did not know Joey too well, however at work he was a hard worker, compassionate and kind. He will be missed at Methodist. He spoke fondly of his beautiful family often. I do know that God works in mysterious ways and as much as I think it shouldn't of been Joey, it wasn't his time, things happen when we least expect and we should cherish every moment. From his stories I know that he lived life to the fullest, saw the world and will continue to live through our thoughts and prayers. Anna and family, my deepest sympathy to you.

Megan McKenney

In my heart  / Caryn Gardner (Friend)  Read >>
In my heart  / Caryn Gardner (Friend)
Joe Wettach was a friend to me and my family and we will miss him dearly.  In the 4 years that we knew him, we knew him to be a man who cared about his family and worked hard.  We were proud to have the pleasure of knowing him and look forward to seeing him again on a paradise earth.  His memory will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him! Close
To our brother, Rest in Peace  / Tammy Hall (close friend/sister-in-law )  Read >>
To our brother, Rest in Peace  / Tammy Hall (close friend/sister-in-law )
To my "bro-in-law", may you rest in peace. I'm thankful for all the wonderful memories and times our families got to spend together. The next time we all get together it will be strange without you, but I know you are watching us from above and you will be with us always. 

I can still remember when I met you and Anna for the first time, you were the last "brother" to meet. I was so nervous that you guys wouldn't like me for Michael. I was also embarrassed when I got sick at your house in Citrus Heights, you guys were great and welcomed me into your family. From then on out you and Anna became my "brother/sister in law". You and the other brothers are the closest I have to having brothers of my own and although it is hard to accept moving on without you, I know we have to be strong for one another. 

I promise you, Michael and I will do our best to be there for Anna and the kids and we will try to get together with them as often as we can. We will do our best to stay in touch with the "brothers" and take care of each other. Please know how dearly you will be missed. 

We love you Joe, Tammy, Michael, and Alyssa  
My Love  / Anna (wife and best friends )  Read >>
My Love  / Anna (wife and best friends )
When I think of Joey, I think of a great father to his 6 children, a wonderful husband who made me feel like I could do anything, a son to two wonderful loving parents, a very hard worker with the highest of standards for himself, a proud service man to his country, a devout Raider fan, and a friend, a brother, to many.

When I think of Joe I also think of his warm strong arms, his fuzzy chin and tickly mustache, his tender kisses, his clever sense of humor, and his reassuring eyes with his beautiful slight smile that would always remind me that yes, he is right once again. That I need to listen to him because he does know best. That he only wants what is best for his family.

When I look around here today and see the many different faces and hear the many different precious memories we all have of Joe, I realize how much he has accomplished in his life. How many lives he has touched. How deeply you share with me love for him. I thank-you for helping me remember the vast amount of wonderful moments that my husband was so lucky to have and how lucky we are that we got to share them with him.

He had a way of making me laugh. No matter what mood I was in he could always just say something so funny, so clever, so quick-witted that could instantly change my mood. He always gave me this smerky smile with his big caring eyes that would make me feel like he knew how much I love him, and his clever ways. His touch was something that I loved so much, just one touch. His warm loving hands on my shoulder, my back, my face, the back of my neck, around me, or in my hands would tell me that he is here, that everything is OK because he is here.

He was so smart, so caring, and very sensitive to others. He was so funny and fun to be with. Joe would dance, break dance. I actually received an email from Mikey Merilos reliving his days breakdancing with Joe, winning a city hosted competition in Monterey and “beating out” other cities like San Jose and LA. According to Mikey, they were well known from then on! Yeah, Can you picture Joey breakdancing? He had moves though. When we would slow dance he would sweep me off my feet making me feel as though we were dancing on clouds. He would find a way to get my clumsy feet to work. He would show the kids how to dance that robot dance. And he would get a kick out of the kids’ dance moves.

I remember movie nights because Joe loved to watch kung fu movies and Star Trek, the original series (he would always mimic Captain Kirk). He loved eating kettle corn and snuggling up in one big blanket with all of the kids. He loved to make movies too. A common interest he had with his kids which also made him proud and excited.

The memory that stands out the most was him always tickling the kids until they would tell him that “daddy’s the greatest”, “daddy’s the greatest”. How the kids would love that. How he would sing karaoke with the kids and always find a way to get the high score. He just loved to win. He would always joke while playing board games. He used to confuse me during scrabble because he would make up words that didn’t exist and define them in such a way that made me think they were actually words and during Monopoly everyone knew that he was not to be Banker. He loves his kids. He loved life with his kids.

I remember days at the park, having picnics, and running around. His favorite park was the Dennis the Menace park in Monterey. I remember him being so proud of his children. We would have ice cream days and go to restaurants when the kids would bring home their accomplished report cards. The kids just showed Daddy there report last week and we enjoyed sushi together. Joe loved sushi, white or clam sauce noodle dishes, calamari, and clam chowder.

I remember of how much he loved baseball. How much he loved to beat Dave, Timmy, and Mike in woofle ball. He is the champion, he is the waffle king. How he would brighten up when he would speak of his days playing football. How relaxed he would be after a day of golf. How proud he was of all his kids when they would play hard in their sports and love their sports as much as he did.

I am so lucky to have him in my life as my best friend, the wise father to my children, and as my loving husband. Whenever I feel warm, uplifted and strong I know that it is Joey holding me, touching me with his strong, warm hands and reminding me that he is still here ..
Joey a great MSGT  / Emma Piehl (friend)  Read >>
Joey a great MSGT  / Emma Piehl (friend)
My sincere condolences to all of Joey's family.
I remember what a great friend Joey was to everyone at our Reserve unit. He always tried to help out the younger troops and took his responsibilities seriously to heart.  I remember going to Misawa; everyone started to get stressed but Joey was keeping his cool trying to make sure everyone was taken care of..... you are in my prayers.  Close
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